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                                 PURDIE CONSTRUCTION LLC
             937 Fitness Rd. Panama City, Fl. 32409 (850) 832-3512

Thank you for visiting our web site.  Allow me to introduce you to our company.  We are a three generation company with the fourth in development.  Gerald Purdie, now semi-retired, participates as a consultant.  Donald Purdie, President, along with co-owners Shawn, and Justin Purdie operate the business.  Our fourth generation; Austin and Sawyer are in their early stages of development. 

                                      CAPABILITIES STATEMENT

Puride Construction, LLC is a small business located in Bay County, Florida.  We have been contracting in the public and private sectors since 1983.  From conception to turn key, Purdie construction has the experience and resources to efficiently construct the high quality, environmentally friendly building of your needs. 

Purdie Construction, LLC has teamed with Rigid Building Systems. This combination of experienced engineering staff and state of the art manufacturing process is allowing us to offer wide variations of pre-engineered buildings.  Whether your needs require a building package or a complete turnkey project our coalition provides timely deliveries and economical pricing.

The philosophies and foundation, in which Purdie construction conducts business, will be found resonating from our customers.  Our motto "Adversity is simply a higher form of challenge", is derived from this philosophy.  All projects have adversities, we simply view this as a challenge, the closer to project completion the more complex the challenge.  The achievement of that challenge is customer satisfaction.  Customer satisfaction is the success of all Building Contractors.  Purdie Construction continually accomplishes this success. 

                                           PREVIOUS CLIENTS

  • New Point Bay Charter Academy
  • Tropical Smoothie Cafe
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Department of Administrative Hearings
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church

                                         CORPORATE INFORMATION

  • Classification:            Small Business
  • Corporate Status:      Limited Liability Company
  • C.C.R.                      Yes
  • License Number          CBCB50035
  • License Number          HI6074

                                          CONTACT INFORMATION

  • 937 Fitness Rd.
  • Panama City, Fl. 32409-2564
  • E-mail:                       Don@purdieconstruction.com
  • Office:                       (850) 265-8344
  • Don R. Purdie:             (850) 832-3512
  • Shawn R. Purdie:          (850) 832-5651
  • Wm. Justin Purdie:        (850) 832-4722